1-800-KIM-BREL: Phillies 6, Walgreens 10

You might not believe me, but there was a bunch of good shit that happened in this game. I swear!

Strasburg had a 5 pitch first inning and I thought "Here we go." because Strasburg always owns us because there is no god. Turned out I was very wrong there, which was cool and good. It was 1-0 Walgreens in the 3rd until, well, all that changed.

Maikel Franco destroyed an 0-1 pitch to left field to tie the game. His 4th homer on the young season. It took him til April 30th last year to hit his 4th homer, he has now done it on April 9th. Dude might be the real deal; he's walking, hitting the ball the other way, and making pitchers pay on pitches. It's pretty cool and good.

Then, easily the best part of this game happened. Former Walgreens 2009 #1 pick Stephen Strasburg faced off against former Walgreens 2010 #1 pick Bryce Harper, who is now a Phillie. Walgreens got to draft these two players because they were absolute dog shit for years, by the way. I digress, after running the count 2-2 on two change-ups, Strasburg had a meeting on the mound to presumably tell everyone he was going to throw that same pitch again because he thought it was a good plan. Well...

Yea. He threw another change and Harper was sitting on it and blasted it to the opposite field for a 3 run homer and lord was it glorious. He even admired it a bit, which, same. Another thing I would like to point out is at the end of this video what this Walgreens announcer had to say about the handshakes.

"Watch all the high fives they have like fifteen hundred of them."

Doesn't Walgreens sell adult diapers? For real. I was just talking to someone about how fucking great these high fives are and things like this make them even better. Yes, it's about our team having fun, but it is also very much about pissing off the opposition to me.

So now the Phillies are up 6-1 and things seem great and good. Unfortunately it appears Walgreens was open late tonight and they came back and won.

The Phillies are 7-3 and in first place.


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