*clears throat* FUCK THE METS: Phillies 14, Mess 3

fuck the mets recap Apr 17, 2019

There is nothing quite like a pure and unadulterated beat down of that trash team from Flushing. Between sweeping the Braves and making Steven Matz leave in the first inning without recording an out and giving up 8 runs it is tough to decide which is my favorite to be honest. We'll call it a tie for now.

Yea, I know. "But Chris, the Mets beat us the first game!". I don't give a shit. They squeaked out a 1 run victory in extra innings and were handed the winning run due to a Rhys error and a throw by Cesar that I could have executed better with my foot. If you take out the unearned runs from the Mets last night the Phillies still win 9-3. So miss me with that shit.

Mmmm first place and that run differential. I was going to describe the first inning, but I feel like seeing it just makes it better. If you are a Mets fan this is probably like staring at the sun.

Not sure where all the "Let's go Mets!" chants from Monday went? And let's talk about that for a minute. There were like 10 Mets fans left on Monday night by the time the game was ending because they, like most Mets fans, are just unemployed garbage that could afford to stay at a game that late on a Monday night. So I'm not sure why broadcasts made any deal out of it whatsoever.

Anyway, Pivetta sucked again. 3 runs in 5 innings while using a couple of crucial double plays just to keep it at 3 runs. His curve looked better and he threw his fastball for strikes more, but that really isn't saying much. The star on the pitching side was Jerad Eickhoff. We all forget just how good he was in 2016. His curve and slider looked amazing and his fastball was mostly hitting 90 mph. Pivetta, Eflin, and Vinny better stay on their A game because it looks like Eickhoff (and Enyel De Los Santos) are ready to take a spot.

Segura has a mild strain in his hamstring, which quite frankly sucks. But with Kingery doing what he has been doing to start the season (.524/.583/.857 with a 1.440 OPS) it isn't the worst thing. And if we see Cesar not play his best over these next few days and Kingery keeps it rolling I think you'll see Kingery move one spot to his left and get more time at 2B.

Really all that matters is Mets fans are sad right now. They deserve it. Human trash with no redeemable qualities.


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