EPISODE 12: Season Preview #2: Electric Bugaloo

The Phillies are 4-0. Bryce Harper just embarrassed his former team in dramatic fashion. Life is good.

In the second half of our season preview we talk with NBC Philadelphia's Corey Seidman about his thoughts on the wild offseason and his prediction's on the upcoming season. He also asks me how I got suspended from twitter again.

We also wrap up our previous Ring of Honor Wrestling's lead announcer and author of "The 100 Greatest Phillies of All Time" Ian Riccaboni. Still not sure why either of these guys agreed to this.

We also talk about Carlos Santana smashing a TV and try to figure out who the hell was playing Fortnite during a game then finish up with the biggest mistake in podcasting, the High and Inside hotline.

As is tradition, it's bad.


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