LOLMets: Phillies 3, Mess 2

fuck the mets recap Apr 18, 2019

You absolutely hate to see it. The Phillies sent the Mets trash, both players and fans, packing out of Philly with a series loss. Listen closely, can you hear it? It's the sound of the Mets crashing back down to earth. Soon Cano will get popped for PEDs, Alonso will continue to strike out too much, and Jeff McNeil will go back to trying to sell high schoolers adderall at the bus stop.

Jake Arrieta continues to not strike people out, but instead induce insanely weak contact. He has been going to his change even more than last year and has been able to get swings and misses as well as crucial double play balls off of it. Listen, as long as he keeps this up I don't care how he does it.

Kingery started in place of Segura due to his tight hamstring and continued to deliver, hitting a homer that put the Phillies up 2-0. Not to be outdone, Cesar followed up later with one of his own to give the Phillies a 3-1 lead that would prove to be the winning run.

Jake completed 8 innings of 1 run ball and came out for the 9th to try to get Alonso out, but could not. So enter Adam Morgan. He would promptly hit Robinson Cano, bringing up Conforto, who had homered earlier, as the go ahead run. He ended up flying out to right, just missing a homer. It was great. So 1 out. Cool. Surely the rest would go down easily, right? lmao no.

Neris entered the game and struck out J.D. "Mets fans really hope he's a thing" Davis. 2 outs, we're good, right? Again, lmao no. Amed Rosario then gets a base hit, scoring Alonso's doofy ass. 3-2, runners on first and second. Wilson Ramos comes to the plate. Loved Ramos last year, fully expected him to give the Mets a W, but instead Hector tried to establish his fastball in and hit him on the elbow. He cried a bit, then took his base. So now bases loaded. Great.

That brings up Keon Broxton. I still have no idea who he is, but he continued to give me one of the more stressful at bats of my life. Fouling balls off constantly, Neris getting some generous calls on splitters, it all leads to a 3-2 count. Then, thinking Neris was going to walk him on a splitter, Neris does this...

Fastball right down the pipe, exactly what I wanted. No reason not to challenge this guy right here and he did and it paid off. So the Phillies get another series victory and begin their march to a commanding first place lead.

Next up are the 6-12 Rockies for a 4 game set in Colorado. I expect every single game to be a slugfest and we have the obviously better lineup. Anything other than 3-1 will piss me off.

Go Phillies.


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