Series Preview: Phillies vs the shitass Mets 4/15 - 4/17

Welp. It's time. Time for the mouth breathing, knuckle dragging Mets fans to try to invade CBP. Prepare for faint "let's go Mets!" chants across the park when the Mets are down 8-0 in the 3rd inning.

I fucking hate the Mets. I really fucking hate them. They've been shitty the past few years so their fans have been easy to ignore, but they are all eating up this hot start by the Mets as if it isn't all going to come crashing down any day now.

ANYWAY. Here's the pitching matchups. (no deGrom thank you baseball gods)

There is absolutely no way Nola has another bad start. It is not happening. If it does I'll probably just rip my own fucking face off and throw it against my kitchen wall. The Mess counter with Syndergaard, who is good but also not good I guess. All I know is Hoskins and Segura hit him hard. Rhys has 2 homers against him and a .444 AVG in 9 at bats, while Segura is hitting .429 against him in 7 at bats. Small sample size bla bla bla I don't give a shit. Fuck the Mets.

Steven Matz has pitched well. Nick Pivetta has pitched like a fucking toddler having a stroke. We have a righty heavy lineup for the most part, so let's just hope the offense scores 19 runs to counter the 18 that Pivetta will give up in the first 3 innings. I want Nick Pivetta to be good SO badly, but fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk it's hard to see it happening. Anyway, Phillies will win in a slugfest. Fuck the Mets.

Nice to see Wheeler coming back down to earth after his good year last year. Even on the Mets I won't root for injuries, I want to beat their ass at full strength, so it's good to see Wheeler healthy and sucking ass. Jake has looked pretty damn good so far this season, I guess? I feel like it's been a really weird path to that 2.25 ERA. Phillies win to complete the sweep. Fuck the Mets.


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